Clients Marketing

Western Home Communities

A large retirement facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the Western Home is vibrant, growing and progressive. Its logo (brand identity) was not. They turned to 1Vision. Some view it as forward thinking and ever changing. Others see a modern quilt, comprised of many facets. We just know it lays a solid foundation of service for all their facilities and future communication needs.

Glen Campbell

Do you know about Glen Campbell’s struggle with Alzheimer’s? His 2014 movie ‘I’ll Be Me’ invites the audience to bear witness to Campbell’s courage, humor and spiritual strength during his final year-long tour. Local organizers brought the film to the Cedar Valley to start a community discussion and asked 1Vision to provide the website for this important event. 


Unwanted pregnancy can be devastating without emotional support, prayer and accurate information. To reach teen to college-aged girls, Alternatives reached out to 1Vision. We created a budget-friendly campaign that tripled the target audience visits within a few months. Plus, they have a new, mobile-ready website.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Wheaton had an opportunity/obstacle. One of their Convenient Care facilities was not being used to capacity – even though it had been in the same location for many, many years. 1Vision’s campaign, using a low-cost/high-reward strategy, included print, billboards, social media and cable TV. The campaign resulted in a 32% increase in patients within a few months.

Oster Regent Theatre

The show must go on! That’s the feeling for the Oster Regent Theatre, a turn-of-the-century movie house that had fallen into disrepair. Much time, talent and money went into preserving this downtown anchor. 1Vision was charged with creating a logo to commemorate its 100-year anniversary. Crafted in the art deco style, the logo proudly showcases and flatters the iconic Oster Regent Theatre.

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