Feasibility Studies & Campaigns

Donor Campaigns

1Vision can help you with these campaigns
  • Capital
  • Annual 
  • Endowment 
  • Grassroots 

Our Work

JESUS film

1Vision has the fundraising track record and message creativity to make it all work for your campaign’s success – providing individualized attention.
  • Determine leadership and levels of giving  
  • Set timetables and estimate costs  
  • Create campaign Case Statement and materials (See below) 
  • Train volunteers, staff and board  
  • Report and analyze results  
  • Appreciate donors, staff and volunteers  

Case Statement – Defined

Your case statement is a highly specialized "brochure" with a million-dollar purpose. It provides clear, concise and compelling justification for your individual project, endowment or general operating need. It makes your “case for support.” Written for the major donor audience, its shelf life may be as short or as long as the project/need requires.

Commonly used by fundraising professionals and volunteers during in-person conversations... (Contact Blake for a copy of this entire article.)
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