Donor Work

The JESUS Film Project

JESUS, a film account of the life of Christ, transformed modern evangelism. JESUS became the most translated motion picture in history with over 6.5 billion exposures… and counting. To fund this incredible expansion, they turned to 1Vision to conduct feasibility studies, complete case statements and create donor ‘briefings’ that continue to generate millions in support.

Sumner Emergency Medical Services

The Sumner EMS was the first rural ambulance service in Iowa, but their current facility is limiting staffing and service. As rural healthcare (and equipment) changed over the last 30 years, the building didn’t! 1Vision was enlisted to conduct a feasibility study, complete a case statement, campaign video plus consult with leadership in securing naming-level gifts.

Global Hope

Think it is tough to fund and build a building? Try doing it in Iraq! The Freedom Center builds relationships to bring the freedom of Jesus Christ to the Muslim world. Providing hope to those whose lives have been ravaged by war and oppression, 1Vision helped Global Hope clearly articulate its vision and describe the need so donors across the world can support it.

Champions Ridge

The Bremer County Fair Association and three baseball/softball groups in Waverly, Iowa, turned to 1Vision to bring them “the whole package.” Feasibility study, organizational consulting, branding, training, tools (video, case statement, etc.) and campaign structure were coordinated for this one-of-a-kind $6.6 million youth-focused, fun and event destination.

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