Donor Development

Donor Development

We help a non profit organization, charity, or ministry work with their donors on:
• Planning      • Prospecting • Engaging     • Cultivating • Soliciting    • Recognizing

1Vision is a top strategic agency and partner who assists from the very beginning through to completion. We believe in your longevity instead of a quick fix so expect our counsel and perspective to focus on creating an even stronger non profit organization next year and 10 years from now.

We believe in broadening revenue sources to include: individual donors, major donors, foundations, grants, and earned revenue.

We use all the marketing tools at our disposal including: digital marketing, websites, email newsletters, crowd-funding, video, and direct mail. Our clients ask us to:
  • Deepen relationships with our major and mega donors 
  • Stand out from the crowd of other nonprofits
  • Secure larger donations from our current givers
  • Convert awareness into donations
  • Complete a development plan for the next 5 years
  • Help us fund a new building and endowment
  • Train staff and volunteers to carry out fundraising efforts
  • Connect us with more grants and foundations 
  • Create a digital marketing strategy centered on crowd-funding
  • Tap into new media and technologies
An assessment or feasibility study commonly begins the process. In this specialized research, we learn about your donors’ understanding of your mission and gauge their readiness to give.  

For over 30 years, 1Vision has served some of the best non profit organizations around. Along the way, we have made some incredible friends who say nice things about us. They have helped us grow into a top development agency. We are humbled.

When the campaign reaches its successful conclusion, 1Vision will help you:
  • Celebrate publicly! 
  • Recognize and thank all donors, leadership, and volunteers 
  • Design permanent recognition for major donors 
  • Arrange for event speakers 
  • Design and conduct post-campaign media and public relations efforts
  • Begin the grassroots phase
To see a more complete listing of our clients, click here.
“If your nonprofit is trying to raise a hundred thousand or hundreds of millions, or your business could use a boost – call 1Vision.” 
Jeff Reed, President & CEO, BILD International, Ames, IA
UNI Wesley Foundation 
The winds blew and the walls came down! A student activity center at a major college campus was damaged by a tornado, leaving the leadership with a gaping hole in their finances. Where to get the money to rebuild? They turned to 1Vision for guidance.

We set a course, created materials, trained volunteers, and helped them launch a capital campaign. For this inclusive, University-based faith community, we focused on “rebuilding walls to break down barriers.” The results were impressive. It took less time and raised more money than projected!
Jesus Film Project (JFP)
What does one of the world’s largest, most successful evangelism and missions organizations do next? The JESUS Film has a huge footprint around the globe. It stands alone as the most translated and viewed film in history – in 1,400 languages with over six billion views since 1979. Yet, the leadership felt the Holy Spirit urging them on to the next step. But, did the new plans have significant support?

JFP asked 1Vision to help answer that question. Traveling across the country interviewing mega-donors and stakeholders in their homes is just one way 1Vision uncovers facts and opinions. We believe donors hold the key to incredible growth and are the heroes for all nonprofits. Our analysis and insight helps our clients take informed action.
Cedar Bend Humane Society 
Caring for the thousands of stray, neglected, and unwanted animals every year in a 125,000-population county takes a large staff, Board, and group of volunteers. How do you get everyone focusedl?

A clear, concise, and compelling Mission Statement would help.... but who has time to understand the organization, craft a brief, memorable statement, and gain consensus among all the Society’s stakeholders – including donors? 1Vision was chosen as their communications partner. We generated this P.E.T.S. mission that sums up who the organization is and what they do. Now, everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Place. Educate. Teach. Shelter.
Place animals in life-long, loving homes. Educate on the issues of humane care. Teach responsible pet ownership. Shelter the stray, neglected and unwanted.

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