Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing & Public Relations  

1Vision can perform all the traditional advertising agency tasks. Because of our creativity, target audience understanding, strategic thinking, and commitment to customer service, many ‘for profit’ companies and organizations prefer our interdisciplinary approach.  
Used with permission; David Harrington Illustration & Defendable Faith Institute © 2016

We use these tools to help you reach your census or sales goals...
  • Ads (Print, Broadcast, Digital, Outdoor)
  • Social Media
  • Brochures
  • Branding  (Taglines, Logos)
  • Video Production
  • Direct Mail
  • Public Relations plans (Press Releases, Media Tours)
  • Newsletters & Annual Reports
  • CPC/Google Adwords campaigns
  • Trade show displays
  • Website development
Consider our Marketing Assessment to start. We will review your strengths and weaknesses, and propose a plan that addresses both. Let us establish some marketing metrics and conquer them! We provide turnkey research, both qualitative and quantitative, should either be necessary. 
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“The entire campaign they assembled for us really raises our product to an incredible level. Blake was so knowledgeable and committed to our success!”
Kim Van Vlear, Director, DeepRoots, Defendable Faith Institute, San Juan Capistrano, CA
Used with permission; David Harrington Illustration & Defendable Faith Institute © 2016
DeepRoots Bible Curriculum 
Where do you start when you have an innovative product and a burden to share it with the world? Capistrano Valley Christian Schools found themselves facing many challenges in launching a new, apologetics-based, 100% digital Bible curriculum for elementary grades in Christian schools. They held a blank slate.

1Vision began by creating a name and a tagline. DeepRoots, Bible Curriculum for Defendable Faith, was born. It “perfectly” captures not only what the product is, but also what it does through a clear benefit statement. We added a marketing plan, introductory video, email capture giveaway, and Adwords campaign to grow a successful launch.
Friendship Village 
There was a retirement community that needed more excitement. A leadership changeover sparked a mini-revival in this 50-year organization and 1Vision had a hand in it.

A contemporary logo, color palette, signage, website, materials, and branding all coordinate for a big impact among its audiences. Along the way, 1Vision created a tagline that distinguishes them to their potential customers: ‘MyLife Retirement Living.’ Encapsulating the trend toward individual experiences within a community environment, this one line unifies, describes, and sells.
Cedar Falls Historical Society 
The Ice House Museum sustained heavy damage during the floods of 2008 The Historical Society’s leadership, and volunteers joined together to save the structure and artifacts. To complete the restoration, they had a vision of a new, fun, interactive, family-friendly experience from back when commercial ice making was a vital, river-centered enterprise. 1Vision created the campaign ‘Frozen in Time’ that helped generate the needed capital.  

Armed with the funding, the Historical Society’s executive director led the charge that has the Ice House back among the top stops for tours and visitors who want to know more about that important time in American history. You should, too. Stop and see ‘Iowa’s Coolest Museum.’
Global Hope 
When the Taliban abducted Heather Mercer, no one had a clue how God would turn her heart toward the salvation of her captors. He did and she committed to bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to Muslims, especially in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Heather wanted to build a Freedom Center in Kurdistan as a mission base, but needed to connect with U.S. donors to fund it. 1Vision developed a logo that speaks both to the audience and her mission. You’ll recognize the dove of the Holy Spirit and of peace rising out of the Farsi word for hope – something that the world ‘round needs desperately. Donors get it and the relationship begins.

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