Do the same things year after year in your organization and your life and you will experience loss and decline.
That is certainly true for donors. If you contact and involve them in the same way as last year, expect 15% or more of these hard-won friends to slip away. Think of it another way. Your organization must increase its number of new donors by 30% in 2018 JUST TO STAY EVEN WITH THE LEVEL OF SUPPORT once provided by the now-dropped donors. (Existing and previous donors, generally, give at a higher per capita level than new donors.) If you have 1,000 donors, how are you going to generate 300 new ones this year? If 10,000, where will the 3,000 come from?

Remember, that simply keeps your revenue at the same level as last year.
Break the downward spiral Are you giving your customers, volunteers, and donors... 
  • A sense of urgency? 
  • A snapshot of your benefit to the world? 
  • An easy way to support you or interact? 
  • A personal connection? 
  • A feeling that each contribution matters?  
You can. Resolve to make 2018 better than previous years. Set out to create a positive change that affects and infects your organization. We can help.
“1Vision understands the process of increasing organizational income. As a result of working with them, our income grew to over $50 million a year. They have been accommodating, flexible, and very beneficial. Their Christian values and business ethics match ours.”
Fred West, Fmr. Development Director, The JESUS Film Project, Los Angeles, CA 
Founded in 1987, 1Vision provides: counsel, service, and tools in advertising, branding, capital campaigns, development and fundraising, digital marketing, feasibility studies, graphic design, logos, marketing strategies, media management, public relations, signage, social media engagement, video production, and web design. We aren’t a traditional advertising agency; we’re a creative marketing consultant and a partner to nonprofits and charitable organizations. 1Vision rebranded in 2014 combining its two original firms: Vision Media Services and Vision Development Services.
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